Who Am I, Why This Site?

My name is Erik Diris from Bilzen (BE). I constructed this site more as a trial than as a real site. However, on this site I try to share information about the things that occupy me in my professional and recreational endeavors.

  • Previously working for a technology Enterprise, now working for a global logistics Enterprise
  • Trying to focus on IT-Business Alignment
  • Focus on my team and trying to optimize internal processes
  • Trying to build a working environment that augments creativity and innovation

Profile Picture

Erik Diris
Erik Diris
Erik Diris
Erik Diris

Some of my highlights

Some of the projects I’m involved in at work.
    Enterprise Central Component Process Optimization, SAP
    Pandora’s Box, Self-adaptive and self tuning dynamic middleware databaseengine
    Project Management
    On a professional level;
On November 20th 2014, my team and I were awarded ‘Winner of the Belgian ICT Manager 2014 contest’
CIO of the year, Project of the Year.
    On a sports level;
Holder of a black belt in Nihon Jiu Jitsu.
    On a personal level;
Very happy to be with my partner Sonja and son Nick
Without their support I couldn’t achieve my goals