12 Digital Technologies that will change the World

Very proud that a complete chapter on A.I. has been dedicated to our Phoebe project. Published in the book ’12 Digital Technologies that will change the World’. In Dutch: 12 ‘Digitale technologie├źn die de wereld veranderen’. ISBN 978 94 014 7509 9

This is a nice recognition of the hard work of my team at Dexis Belgium.

What is this book about:

In 12 verhalen schetst dit boek hoe evenveel technologie├źn ook uw bedrijf op weg kunnen zetten naar de toekomst. Geen theoretisch betoog, maar verhalen die op toegankelijke wijze illustreren waar elke technologie voor staat en hoe ze vandaag al concreet toegepast wordt in het bedrijfsleven.
In 12 stories, this book outlines how as many technologies can also set your company on the road to the future. No theoretical argument, but stories that illustrate in an accessible way what each technology stands for and how it is already being applied in business today.

The context behind this book.

The POM and UNIZO, 2 Belgian non profit organisations that help businesses small and large and represent them with the government have seen some interesting evolutions in several Belgian companies. There are a lot of companies that can benefit from the insights of others, in particular in innovative technologies. This book wants to acknowledge the ‘flag bearers’ in technology and stimulate companies that are starting their road to more digitalization.