I’m Erik Diris from Bilzen (BE). I constructed this site more as a trial than as a real site. However, on this site I try to share information about the things that occupy me in my professional and recreational endeavors.

(It’s a rework of a previous site, so not much info right now)

Previously working at a Hospital, then for a technology Enterprise, after this a global logistics Enterprise, and now for a Maintenance, Repair, Operations (MRO) multinational which supllies unique added value services to the industry with smart tech….

Trying to focus on IT-Business Alignment.
Focus on my teams and trying to optimize internal processes.

Operational Excellence is the goal.

Trying to build a working environment that augments creativity and innovation. Ultimately completing several A.I. implementations.

Blog Posts by Date

Some posts by date.

These posts hold some information about what occupies me, drives and stimulates me, helps me in my job and I hope some of the posted info might help you in ome way or another.

December 2020


What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite

(2019-06-15) Started reading this book. Interesting, however bit ‘holistic’ for my brain.. Will finish it eventually… This book reveals a remarkable paradox: what your brain wants is frequently not what your brain needs. In fact, much of what makes our brains “happy” leads to errors, biases, and distortions, which make getting out of our own …

Martial Arts

Worked hard to earn a 2nd degree Black Belt in Nihon Jiu Jitsu. Please visit this site for more information… (www.ito-okita.be)

Check out the ‘build confidence’ movie. Most of the members of the martial arts school are actors in it… (the 2nd one)

CIO o/t Y2014

In 2014, my team and I , we won the Belgian ICT Manager Of The Year Contest. (Datanews CIO of the Year / Project of the Year)

“Pandora’s Box”, self-adaptive systems