CIO o/t Y2020 contest

In december 2020, my team @Dexis Belgium and I, we won the Belgian ICT/Digital Project of the Year 2020. (cfr: Data News CIO Of The Year) Congrats to my colleagues. Top Job.

We enhanced our ERP system and BPM with 7 artificial neural networks with +500 Million input parameters. Supporting 4 languages with specific technical vocabulary. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing are the keywords here.

Even though it was a technical challenge, the change management was equally tough. Very glad I could count on several business stakeholders to roll out this project.

It was very hard for co-workers to trust a machine because it makes decisions and assigns tasks to them based on technical expertise and availability (workload).

To find out more see the links to DataNews (NL) , Made in Limburg (NL) , Famous Relations (NL) , Automation-Magazine (FR) , Digimedia (EN) , Channel Belgium (EN)

If you are wondering why our project is called Phoebe, well here is why: Phoebe is a Greek mythological titan. The goddess of ‘clear intellect’. She was the 3rd goddess to protect the Oracle of Delphi. Thinking of Oracle of Delphi, I think about premonitions, intelligence, prophesies, something magical. In the mind of an IT’er , the link to Artificial Intelligence is easily made. Or, am I too nerdy ?